The holidays are over now for almost everyone, most of us have already returned to the office. September is also for those who work a little like the first day of school, we want to present ourselves at our best and have the right clothing for our return to the office. Fortunately, now we no longer have the super constraint of having to wear only the suit, which, however beautiful it may be, can sometimes become boring.

Having freedom of choice we absolutely have to make a nice distinction between what we can and cannot wear to go to the office. In this article we will show you the 5 garments that you absolutely should abandon to create your work outfits. Sometimes it takes very little to fall into error and ruin a perfect look.

5 items not to wear in the office

Remember that sobriety is always a winning card, in the last article we talked about the new normal look, which could be great for creating the combinations of your office attire.

  • Eliminate the idea of wearing crop tops to go to the office. Let’s face it, the bare belly in the office would be really vulgar. I don’t know about you, but we wouldn’t feel very comfortable showing inches of bare skin. But if you don’t want to give them up in any way, you could wear them only with high-waisted, super-high-waisted trousers.

  • Jeans, you may be wondering why we say no to this garment. Mind you, the jeans themselves are fine, you can easily wear them with a shirt or pullover, but remember absolutely no to those with obvious rips. Let’s say that this type would be perfect for a street style, but certainly not for the right office clothing. We also leave you our article “jeans models to have in your wardrobe” for a makeover.

  • The much-loved miniskirt. Yep, leave this look for evenings with friends, but for sure take it off for the return to the office. Surely it would be too short and not sober, so in the long run you would not feel comfortable, as well as feeling the eyes of your colleagues and maybe even the uncomfortable jokes of your colleagues.
  • Absolutely no to socks in plain sight and knee-highs. Mind you, they are still in fashion, but if you wear them to the office you will give the impression of being sloppy. Let’s say that if you like the genre you could wear them to go out.
  • Last, but equally important are the dresses that are too light, those that may seem like a cover-up. With this we are not telling you that you don’t have to wear clothes and dresses, quite the contrary. Take note: choose dresses that come to the knee, are of an amazing elegance, opt for colors from the fall palette and you will always be perfect.


Well, now that you have all the necessary items, you can shop responsibly and update your office wardrobe. We want you to anticipate that; we have been studying armocromia for some time and it is a beautiful subject as well as very useful. Soon, weather permitting, we will put the blog on standby and after the restyling, the color scheme will be one of the new topics that we are going to discuss. With our help you will be able to know your color palette, it will then be easier for you to buy your favorite clothes based on friendly colors.

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