“We love the sales, but not the ‘discounted’ things”
From the 6th of July the so much awaited “summer sales 2019” have begun and it is the must-have of the season and not only …
There are those who prefer them to the January sales given the possibility of finding both clothes suitable for the current temperatures, and the colder ones, often leftovers from the previous winter collections.

Surely you, like us, have already made some purchases; despite the heat it is making itself felt, the desire for shopping that only a woman can have does not stop at nothing.
In fact, among the street shops, shopping malls, outlets and online sites, we really have a vast choice on how and where to take advantage of these fantastic discounts.

Summer 2019 sale yes, but let’s not be fooled!

Speaking of discounts, it is good to keep in mind some points, such as:
– the discount percentages may vary (a garment that you buy at full price can go on sale at – 30% and subsequently can have a further discount of – 50%, as it may not be subject to a balance);
– the balances, at least for large companies (eg Zara, Calzedonia and many others) are the same both online and in the store.
– in all stores, always referring to brands similar to the aforementioned, it is possible to make changes despite the fact that the item was purchased on sale.

This is information that many of you, if not all, will already know.
A novelty, but few I am aware of is this:
From 1 July (2019, of course) electronic invoicing came on stream for 3.2 million tax payers and, subsequently, from 01/1/2020, the electronic receipt will be extended to all merchants and retailers.

What has changed for customers?

The electronic receipt does not produce absolutely no change for consumers: it documents the purchases made, but bears the notation that it has no fiscal value. In fact, the purchaser will not even notice the news that, therefore, will only affect traders, except one:
In many stores since 01/07/2019 it is possible to change goods only if the latter has been purchased at that point of sale, otherwise it will not be possible.
It is therefore always necessary to ask the staff of the shop where we are buying if there will be an obligation to change the goods only there.
In that case it is certainly not convenient to buy out of town, especially if we already have doubts about the item to buy.

What to buy with the sales ?!

What about girls, we are promoting online shopping, given the crush in shopping malls and the too-hot red dot.
We are taking advantage of the sales on sites with fast shipping in 24 / 48h and above all with free returns for not having the anxiety of “and if it should not go well ?!”
As always we have some tips for you, on the unmissable trends of this summer 2019 that, why not, you can also find on sale.

The suitcase with the sales, how to buy for the holidays?

What you can’t not have in your suitcase:
1- Skirt or wallet mini dress (the animal print, the floral print and the timeless polka dot) are very trendy;
2- Crop tops, cute in all colors and easy to combine with skirts, shorts and jeans;
3- Tank top costumes with high-waisted 1980s style briefs;
4- Puffy shorts or also called “candy”;
5- Espadrilles with wedge and laces to tie at the ankle.

saldi estate 2019

summer 2019 sale
saldi estate 2019
summer 2019 sale

summer 2019 sale
saldi estate 2019
estate 2019

We have nothing else to add, except to wish you a good shopping with further discounts! The 2019 summer sales are about to end so we just have to hurry up and buy the last pieces before departure.
Let us know what you have or are buying during these days; you know that curiosity is a woman!

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