Often they ask us what it is like to have a blog and above all what it is like to have created it on wordpress. Another question they ask us is what is the best hosting for a website on wordpress?

Let’s say that creating a site on wordpress or a blog becomes more complicated to explain it than to do it. It will be that we have been managing our and others’ blogs for some time now and this is why it is easy for us. Easy to create and deliver the ready job to the customer, but there are also those who only need initial advice, who rely on us only for advice on setting up their site / blog or advice on choosing hosting.

Choosing the right hosting for your site is essential, it is a bit like buying a house to live in. Let’s say hosting for the website is the house that will host it. Choosing a hosting that can provide security, speed, high-level services and assistance is to start on the right foot. Since we created our site thesprintsisters.com, we have had no doubts about the choice of host to use. We have entrusted our two sites, including twotrolley which was created at a later date to SITEGROUND.

This means starting with a basic plan that can cost only € 3.95 per month and then you can decide whether to switch to a more powerful plan, as your site grows. Creating a blog on wordpress also implies choosing the best hosting. Siteground offers speed and continuous assistance. Many say it is expensive, but by clicking on the image above you can also see that the plans are really affordable and that above all they offer services that others do not have. Thanks to their continuous assistance you will be able to solve any type of problem in no time. Your wordpress website will be in excellent hands, siteground allows you to always intervene on the site for problems of any kind. It is possible to chat with an operator and solve the problem in real time, or open a ticket, even in this case the response times are really short.

By now you know us and you know that we never suggest something that we haven’t tested ourselves before. Again we want to suggest you the best wordpress hosting because we ourselves have both sites on siteground. We never regretted even for a moment the choice we made.

If you are thinking of opening a site, or simply wanting to review your existing site, contact us for blogging advice.

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