Good morning beauty,

We have now come back to that of Milan and very bitterly to work and daily routine.

We know that weekend and holiday photos are published in real time or almost, but to be honest this year, we really needed to take off a bit to get more charge than before.

Black minidress: a walk in Riccione’s night life!

Blorange: hair color trend P/E 2017!

Here’s a new post, this time I want to offer you an outfit I wore for a weekend in Riccione.

I love the sea and I love to wear summer clothes, so every time I wear one of the many who stay hanging in my closet.

That night I remember that the heat was so much, it was sweating a lot, the movement felt, and did not blow even a stream of air. Being comfortable, especially at sea, for that evening I chose to wear a black dress, flared and very cool. At the foot my sandals with a marine background, decorated with shells and fish.

What is a woman without her handbag?! Nothing I would say, it will be that I love them and I really have so many. Think that when I went to live together, the first thing I did to my boyfriend was to build a shoe rack. You have understood it very well, with so much patience, wooden planks, nails and hammers managed to build my shoe of 6 meters in length and 1.50 in height where all my shoes and part of my bags reside.

For that evening I decided to use a bag that remembers the Gucci Dionysos bought last year by Mango. I love her for motif and decor. I love this kind of bag, they are of medium / small size so perfect for the evening, but large enough if you want to wear them even in the daytime. Often you start with an accessory to define the rest of the outfit, or you use the same bag for the day and for the evening, do you ever happen to it?

I also wanted to try color artist L’Oreal Paris to give a bit of lust for the hair, a slight pink gradation for an evening kissed by the sea breeze.

What do you think?






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This black dress suits you very well!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Thank you so much darling!


mi piace questo look 🙂


Grazie mille!

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