The women’s blazer is the ultimate mid-season item. Now that the heat is slowly leaving the place to slightly cooler temperatures, we too must adapt. A woman’s wardrobe changes with the changing of the season. The women’s blazers are absolutely the item that can’t miss in this intermediate season. We find ourselves going out in the morning wearing our beloved jacket, and then lifting it in the hottest hours of the day. In addition to being a chic alternative to woolen cardigans, denim jackets and trench coats, catwalk after catwalk won the podium among the must-haves for the past two years.

Which woman jacket to choose?

What fantasy to choose and with what to combine women’s jackets and blazers?

In the 1980s, the most widely used fantasy was Prince of Wales, especially dedicated to men’s fashion and business. The fabrics of this fantasy were used to create suits, trousers and coats. Fortunately this fantasy has given way and has even started in women’s fashion. We simply adore the double-breasted blazer, strictly checked, so basic and perfect that it can be combined with everything. Here we leave you two quick and simple pairings with a Prince of Wales women’s blazer :

  • Blazer and mini dress, imagine wearing a beautiful white dress, which stands out perfectly with your tan, cowboy ankle boot and checkered double-breasted jacket.
  • The Prince of Wales blazer is perfect to wear even with a pair of jeans, maybe skinny and with a high-heeled sandal.
blazer donna
blazer donna


Only Prince of Wales women’s blazer?

Another trend that goes strong and clear is definitely the animalier one, but here you have to be really careful and not overdo it. The animal returns also this autumn 2019, has invaded the windows of the most fashionable shops and consequently our wardrobe. Combined with leather or vinyl pants in the evening and with a light daytime jeans. Both looks must opt for a light and minimal t-shirt under the animalier blazer, to leave room for the gritty fantasy of the jacket that is the unique piece of the outfit. Remember that the animal has returned a lot even on blouses and boots. Obviously to always wear one piece at a time, we certainly don’t want to seem to be in a real circus?

Then there is also space for those who feel feisty and want to focus on mix and match, that is, to combine this fantasy with garments of other fantasy, such as jeans with embroidery. But we are always of the idea that we have just advised you.


Leather jacket, is it still fashionable?

Among the models that are very popular for autumn winter are the padded leather jackets. The leather structure is an evergreen to which it is impossible to give up because it easily combines with any type of outfit. The much loved leather jacket, which immediately brings to mind motorcyclists. We certainly cannot give up a garment of this kind, to be honest we have brought it even on holiday with us. Blery went to Sardinia and we know that the wind is always there. In the evening, when the air rose, it was perfect to wear both with clothes and shorts.

blazer donna


No less loved are the 60s-style jackets, beautiful and enveloping both in fabric and wool for a sophisticated and never boring look.

What jacket are you from? What are the ones you could never give up?

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