Blogger for passion, blogging hard work seemed to us the right title for this article. If you follow us you will surely have seen that our blog has changed the subject, face and consequently services.

Just so dear blogger and non-blogger friends, we wanted to add the voice of virtual assistant where you can find a series of services that we are able to offer. In these years of blogging we have learned that only passion does not pay, therefore we have studied and documented how to improve not only for our blog, but also to help other people.

Often there are people who come to us for a little help with their blog, or for writing posts and articles. But often they don’t even know the work behind an article.

Services for bloggers!

Making an article doesn’t just mean writing what’s on your mind at that precise moment, but it’s really much more. We do not want to say this to discourage those who are now entering the world of blogs, blogging is beautiful even if not all of them become Chiara Ferragni.

If you love writing, having a blog is a beautiful thing, one of the most beautiful in the world. In your web space you can write what you want and talk about what you want, but always with an ethical moral.

Furthermore, having a blog is constancy, it often happens that the writer is blocked or that ideas are lacking, but with the right constancy, work and passion are carried forward.

Humanity in the first place!

As you will have understood by now in our blo we treat different topics, now we have decided to insert also the CHICKS ON THE SERVICES that we offer. Asking does not cost anything, so on the services page you will find the button write to us and ask for your advice. We are simple and we are not afraid 🙂 Also use the chat function with us for an immediate contact and remember to subscribe to the newsletter in case you have not yet done so.

The blog does not go on vacation, but we do.

Like everyone, including you, we are also waiting for the much-deserved vacation. The blog will try to keep it updated anyway, even if with fewer articles, but from September we will be much more active, not only on the blog, but also on Instragram feeds and stories. We have thought of weekly columns for you, to keep you up to date, make you laugh (for us, the blog and the social media must give us moments of carefree) and always make you participate. Life is already complicated by itself, so enjoy the holidays, read readings under the umbrella that September arrives too quickly.

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