How many of you are willing to change? Usually it is said that when a woman wants to change something in his life starts right from the hair. Here I for example have one of those, beginning from the hair of my life even when I do not change anything.

Blorange: hair color trend P/E in 2017!

Style: The charm of the Black and White!

Those who know me know I’m crazy when it comes to color and haircuts. Yeah right! I started in high school, in the third to be exact (my mom how long ago), with my first color, red fire. I was really attracted to the color red, I was fascinated women with red hair, advertising insisted with the colors Black Head and so I wanted to try.

Then came the black, eh, because I always say that in life before you die you have to try everything … or almost! Black was not me then not even that bad, let’s say I was better when I was tanned and with a better trick would otherwise looked Mortisia Adams.

I have always been very loyal to my blond, you will not believe, but once I went to the hairdresser because I had planned to do three colors simultaneously. My idea was to do just sunstroke alternating the colors red, black and blond. Happy with my choice I talk to the hairdresser the effect I wanted to achieve, during the color washing there was a mistake and at the end the result was not what I expected. I went out with gray hair. Really, that’s right! E ‘success that the hairdresser washed her hair all together and not the color strands separately, so the blond and black were mixed resulting in a faded gray. Hahahha I could not believe it, but in the end I is not upset me so much and they are held throughout the summer. The year was 2010 and I can almost say that it has launched a trend, since a few years after the gray It was just fashion. 🙂

But today I do not want stufarvi with my misadventures in terms of hair, I want to tell you about the new trend that will accompany us throughout the summer 2017:

BLORANGE the new trend color.

The blorange is a blond shades with orange veins, a very original color outside the box, but perfect for those who want to change and give sparkle to your hair. This blond orange is perfect for blondes with fair skin and blonde for those it already is. In addition it is also easy to play. For those who want to overdo it can do half brown and half blorange, but even so, I think the effect is WOW.

Well I guess I found the right shades for this summer! A bit ‘of verve never hurts. I can not wait to try it!






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Thanks darling! Kisses

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