There are those nights you open the closet and hour fixed for the clothes that with so much effort you put in order: by color, length and sometimes based on how they were purchased. There are others instead of leaders who would you wear jostling to get out of the closet, why they are tight, I bought too many and do not make it to stand in the dark.

Bomber jackets and pleated skirt: perfect match!

Outfit: flutter free in the sea!


Here I open the door and I see hanging pleated skirt that I love so much. Favorite bomber, which goes perfectly with this season says indossami, the white top to catch the color. I can not ignore my clutch of certain purchased by Mango with the summer sales which I love. They match it all together and are ready for the evening.

Bomber seasonal jacket, perfect with everything!

I wore this outfit for a dinner by the sea, discreet little restaurant, super romantic and excellent albeit hearty meals.

To top it all I wore my personalized necklace with written Soufeel and my super shiny Michael Kors watch. I love the movement of the folds when walking or when the wind blows like magic.

The bomber is that leader that goes with everything and to all. You can take it with skirts, but also with pants, perfect for the fall season. I love him and you?

Kisses Girls!



Details Outfit:

Plissè skirt: Aliexpress

Bomber: Stradivarius

Watch: Michael Kors

Sandals: No brand

Clutch: Mango

Necklace: Soufeel

Top: Zara

2016-10-04-16-40-13 2016-10-04-16-40-58 bomber 2016-10-04-16-42-35 2016-10-04-16-43-06


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HI, this is my first time I jump to the website.. You looks lovely with the skirts..
But why you choose a bomber jacket. In my opinion, its better to combine bomber with jeans..

Anyway, thanks for that


I like the bomber, and in my opinion is well with both jeans and skirts.


Beautiful outfit! Love your style!


Thanks Josipa! Have a nice day! Kisses


look molto carino 🙂


Grazie mille!

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