We are in the middle of autumn, the rainy days have already begun and with them also the desire to pull off the winter boots. Are you wondering what are the trend models to have in your shoe rack for this winter 2019/20?

Before revealing trendy prints and colors, you need to know that wide and comfortable heels are back in fashion. For those who have said that fashion is never comfortable, this winter will have to change.

The boots are warm and glamorous at the same time; but what are the trend models?

The proposals for this fall winter 2019/20 are varied, forget about seeing the simple black boots behind the windows, the designers wanted to satisfy the needs of all women. It will be that they too have understood that women’s boots, high or low that are serious, cannot be bought so lightly. We must always choose the right model, the right color, the length and height that best suits each of us.

Women’s boots trends 2019/20

  • Colored boots: the novelty of this year is definitely the color. To dare means to express one’s personality, and if you are one of those who love bright colors, you can say goodbye to the black boot and embrace the colors of this winter: purple, pink, bottle green, red, yellow, brown, gray, etc.
  • Texan boots: they appeared timidly last year and many women have worn them towards the end of summer, but if you love this style you will surely be happy to know that they will stay with us for a long time. But the rule must be absolutely wide heel and pointed nose. 
    stivali alti colorati
    stivali bassi
  • Animalier boots: python leather and reptile print will still be the protagonist for a respectable casual chic look. So if you have a pair of python boots in the closet, pull them out and enjoy creating looks by adding an exotic touch.
  • Soft boots: better known as foldable or slightly curled towards the instep. These soft folds can be dangerous as they increase the volume of the leg and for those who do not have a slender figure, it is recommended to choose another model.
  • White boots: the white color of winter is complicated to wear but they are super stylish. Do you think that for next summer the total white will be the master.
    stivali alti pitonati
    boots invernali flosci
    stivali invernali bianchi

Of course you have to choose carefully the outfit and the colors to match. If you love challenges, they are the right model for you. Certainly when choosing the right model for your winter boots, you have to consider whether to choose between high or low ones.

These are some models that will go out of fashion this fall winter, but we’ll come back to this topic again. Which models do you already have?

We would like to anticipate our next release on instagram, the “little style tips” column.


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