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Today I wanted to talk about some of the accessories that can never fail in my wardrobe: socks, tights and leggings. My supply of socks for the winter has no limits! According to me, the socks of any kind they are, are one of the must-have that will never go out of style and that every woman should have in their closet.

Stockings, tights and leggings: allies of our look!

Half Skirt 50 years: how to wear it!

For this winter 2017, stockings, tights and leggings, have become ever-present in our closet: with a touch of personal style can become perfect “allies” to our look.

For those who have a winter wardrobe rather basic, with garments often in neutral and gray colors, the perfect solution to give a feminine touch to the look are a pair of colored tights.

You which way you are: tights or tights are not?

Until a few years ago, the designers opted for the second option, but a bit ‘of years things have changed and women’s legs return to be protagonists, even if covered with tights or Paris. If I have to speak my mind, I have always loved them !!!

In the latest fashion shows from Paris to Milan, we have in fact seen the legs covered with lace tights. If many of you believe that wearing them during the day and a bit ‘of a gamble, believe that combined with a simple black look, or skirt and sweater, the detail of the sock lace makes a real difference.

Most of this year’s autumn pantyhose catalogs link all of the drawings, transparencies and network.

So they are tights Parisian or veiled, with polka dots or floral decorations the watchword is: sensuality! This type of tights is suitable to be worn with both casual look for special occasions, the important thing is to feel feminine in taking them.

If you love leggings can opt for all-black (models leather or imitation leather) or small printed details. For those who love to experience are already very popular versions in “denim” to combine with a shirt and ankle boots or knee.

The real novelty of this year are the “Tattoo Tights”.

If you like the genre, thanks to the wide choice of patterns and prints, it will seem that instead of panty there is a beautiful tattoo on your legs. These tights are good at all, because the design that you are going to choose will represent your personality.

I for this winter I made my escort, I enjoyed choose prints of all kinds. You you already have some of the new winter collection?




Polka dot tights



Lace tights


Pantyhose tattoo


Colored tights

Faux leather leggings 

Denim Leggings 




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