Good morning beauties!

How are you? Lately, because of too much work, we were a bit ‘absent on the blog and on social, but now we are back more charges than ever and with many new features of which we will speak soon.

Is Friday morning, the sun shines in Milan, spring feels and the first notes of the new song by Enrique Iglesias “Subeme the Radio”, comes to life today’s post.

In fashion magazines and store windows you only see light colors, pastel colors are the protagonists of this spring long awaited.

Candy Colours: accessories for spring!

Crazy shopping with balances in 2017!

The lavender, aqua green, powder blue and powder pink make a perfect palette. Is just that, a perfect palette, but not the one we use for our daily make-up, a whole palette to wear.

The watchword for this spring summer is: COLOR!

So much, so much color to show off, the clothes become gem-like and over proportions, combined with mid-size bags. I personally love the color pink and powder blue. I do not know if you’ve seen the video of the purchases made with Ily winter sales on our YOUTUBE channel, he bought a beautiful blue colored bag from Zara decorated with daisy and pineapple.

About decorations, here we touch the key trends. For the spring and summer will boom the FREE SPIRIT, decorations everywhere. Small fruits, flamingos, hummingbirds, flowers, little stars, hearts and pompom will be the protagonists of our accessories. Handbags, shoes, necklaces and earrings take shape, they decorate and personalize, making them elegantly ironic and perfect for leisure.

I love everything that has to do with the decorations, so much so that I bought the bag with the parrots and necklace as well, sandals with pom-poms, but the wish list is still long. Do you think I can withstand the many innovations that are seen in the windows? Of course I noooooooooooo!

What do you think of pastel colors? You like them?



-Candy Colours: accessories for spring!-


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