Winter days seem endless, the cold, the rain, snow and little desire to do all that we program. Often I do not really want to leave the duvet when the alarm sounds, zero desire to face the working day that never seems to end, but then when the evening comes and you go back home, everything changes.

The great thing to go home and prepare to spend an evening in the company, for a pizza and a chat is just what we want. Then I forget the cold, open the closet and look at my clothes, I’d love to wear that sheath which usually wear on summer evenings, the heat of the city that warms me, my golden skin and everything seems more beautiful.

Curled wool coat: chic winter!

Vlog: Weekend Riva del Garda!


Well we are in winter it is true, but who prevents me from doing so? Here takes shape the outfit of the evening; a sheath dress, blacks 20 denier tights not to suffer the cold, always a black cardigan and my white coat from the curled hair. To complete the outfit I chose a pair of leather black pumps of Zara and Zara bag always with patches.

This coat I particularly like, since I bought I wear it often for my nights out. I like the white winter is for the clothes to accessories, why? But because winter is gray, often ourselves we dress of gray to confuse us with the climate and the atmosphere … the white stands out.

The white winter stands out, enlightens and gives to all.

An outfit, four occasions!

Yes, my coat that I propose here, I had also worn with a striped dress for a graduation party, for a walk to the lake / valley in broad daylight, for the last year in Riva del Garda, and for an evening between friends. When a coat is beautiful and versatile you can really wear on different occasions even though different from each other and always be at the top!

In winter I love to cuddle and curl up in a warm and super soft clothes like maxi scarf that I propose in this Outfit, I bought on Asos, not just seen.

I love the convenience, but also all that is beautiful, that makes me feel good and beautiful. Here this was my choice for the outfit of the evening last week, what do you think?

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-Curled wool coat: chic winter!-


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