We are in full swing in July and the victims as we know well what it means. Stores are often stormed and patience wavers in front of endless files in the dressing rooms, just in cases like these are prepaid cards!

Prepaid cards and shopping what do they have to do?

Prepaid cards are the basic element for shopping online in peace of mind in front of your home PC, we know that we use them often and not just to shop in various clothing sites.

Prepaid cards that immediately make online shopping!

We have chosen a prepaid Nexi card for example. Because? It has many advantages! And we bet you’ll think so too: it’s not just for a working public with a current account, but also for those who do not have a current account. The Nexi prepaid cards are also perfect for young people aged 12 to 18 who start to see the first money and try to save money or make purchases in complete safety.

The prepaid Nexi cards

Nexi offers four types of prepaid cards, so you have a clear idea of what to choose based on your daily life needs, because a prepaid Nexi card becomes a life and travel companion.

Nexi Prepaid Card allows you to purchase worldwide in a fast, secure and flexible way, perfect for your extra expenses.

Nexi Speed card ideal for young people 12-18 years who do not have a checking account.

Nexi International card dedicated to citizens not residing in Italy, allows you to take a reserve of money abroad and recharge from a distance.

FRECCIA Trenitalia card and Nexi prepaid loyalty card which, in a single card, allows you to make secure payments and access the Trenitalia loyalty program.

All the prepaid cards Nexi allow you to make purchases both in Italy and abroad in a completely safe, as well as having a zero fee of holding costs and assistance 24/07.

We can not do without a prepaid card, we find both convenient and quick to top up both personally and by other people who want to send money and / or pay for our work.

As you can see with the Nexi prepaid cards you can do many things. Nexi: the perfect ally to keep and spend your money in complete safety.

Do you use them? If so, what is your experience?



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