Valentine’s Day perfumed with Acqua Dell’Elba!

Goodmorning beauties, Valentine’s Day is approaching and you have to think about what to give for the day of love. Personally it is not a party that I particularly love, I believe that love should be celebrated all year and day by day. I find that by now it has become a commercial party, not … Continue Reading

Dry skin in winter: here’s how to cuddle!

Dry skin in winter? Quiet, it’s a common problem. The fault is the environmental conditions that, in this bitter season, bring many negative consequences to our skin. It is the cold that is responsible for many of these problems, but the wind knows how to damage the skin, putting its health in balance. What are … Continue Reading

Water of Elba: a fragrance that gives emotions!

Good Morning Beauties, Christmas is now at the door, very little is missing, a week and there we are. You have already made all the Christmas presents? Christmas is special, we pass it in the company of the people we love and always remember with nostalgia those who are always in our hearts wherever they … Continue Reading

What Christmas would be without the advent calendar?

Good Morning maidens, Do you also feel the Christmas atmosphere that fills the streets like here in Milan? There is no day in Corso Buenos Aires that does not feel the scent of the chestnuts accompanied by Vin mulled, the luminaries that create the right atmosphere, the shop windows that remind us that soon is … Continue Reading

Cambio di stagione e caduta dei capelli: ecco cosa fare!

Do not be afraid: if your hair tends to fall with the change of season, this is a completely natural occurrence. This is not just a problem for you: I, like all women in the world, fight each year with this stressful phase! It is a very common phenomenon: the hair enters a spare phase, … Continue Reading

3 tips to keep fit even during parties!

Good morning beauty! Here we are! With the summer behind and the Christmas holidays awaiting the flock is lurking. The fact that the summer is just over and that for bikini testing is missing several months does not mean that we can let go (also because when it comes May we should do twice the … Continue Reading

The OAT: the ideal green line for the whole family!

Good morning beauty! Lately, we are talking more and more about beauty and how to take care of our skin/hair/face/body, in short, a complete beauty spa. Today we want to talk about new stuff in Bottega Verde!

Imagea Elgon Green: Beauty Salon at Your Home!

Good morning beauty! All of us know how important it is to take care of their hair, especially after returning from the holidays, where sun, salt and sand dry them and our hair is lost. The same is true in winter, we have to do every day with wind, rain, smog and so on, all … Continue Reading

Skinkissed serum: the best friend for perfect skin!

Good morning girls! We all know how important it is to take care of your own skin. I can say with certainty that reaching the threshold of 30 years needs to focus on more targeted treatments for the needs of our skin.

BB cream: the right cream for summer!

Good morning girls! Now that summer is in full swing and the heat is felt more and more, honestly I can hardly bear the Foundation and make-up. In summer usually prefer light texture, super moisturizing creams and that allow the skin to breathe. The same goes for the Foundation, having the good fortune to have … Continue Reading