Spring is coming, now there is little time left and usually in this period we do what we call spring cleaning. Facial cleansing is just as important, we must not neglect or even forget to do it. During the winter, the skin breathes less, cold air and atmospheric agents make the skin less beautiful, more … Continue Reading

This year many of our certainties have collapsed, the pandemic has limited us in many ways, but it has given us more time to understand who we are without necessarily seeking “perfection”. Over the years it is repeated over and over: “Perfection does not exist”! But how many young people come together and accept each … Continue Reading

The long-awaited summer vacation has finally arrived. This year seemed longer than usual, let’s say that the past circumstances have not been exactly light. We spoke to you in the last article about what to pack for the summer holiday, but today we want to talk about what to put in the beauty. It may … Continue Reading

Today I want to show you the beauty and skincare products that I have received to test. The months of lockdown have slowed down all shipments, once I got back to the office I saw all these packages arrive, believe me if I tell you that I had to bring everything home with the trolley. … Continue Reading

How many times have we talked about the sunkissed effect? Well, it has not yet gone out of fashion, even this year the password remains naturalness and brightness. The preferred shades are always the delicate and refined ones, which do not detach too much from the original color. Now that we can make an appointment … Continue Reading

In these two months of forced closure we have understood what it means to take care of your person. One of the things we care most about, besides the beauty of our skin is the beauty of our hands. If there is one thing that we just can not bear is to see the cuticles … Continue Reading

The days we are going through are really difficult. This virus is making us nervous because we are all closed in the house and far from our loved ones. The #thesprintsisters sisters have not seen each other for three weeks, in normal conditions this has never happened. But we too, like everyone else, are strengthened … Continue Reading

It is almost spring, nature awakens and colors explode. The rhythms change, the days get longer and the commitments seem to triple. We women feel the arrival of spring much more and this year we are moving ahead starting from a small but big change: make up! That’s right, the sun takes away the grayness … Continue Reading