We came again this year for Christmas, but have you already made gifts for your loved ones? If by chance you are also in a bad way like us, you just have to resort to last minute gifts. Not to mention the Christmas menu, but we already talked about this a few articles ago. Don’t … Continue Reading

The countdown to the most awaited party of the year (from both adults and children) has begun. In a few days we will all be busy with the creation of the Christmas tree and / or the crib and especially with the purchase of gifts (we have already started taking advantage of the Black Friday … Continue Reading

You know very well that when we talk about trends and news, especially when it comes to fashion, we are always super-updated, both for ourselves and because we can’t resist sharing some must-haves with you! So in this article we talk about Milan fashion week, the Milan fashion week 2019 to put it in English. … Continue Reading

Lately we are getting more and more passionate about make-up. We are not only informing ourselves with various tutorials on the web, but we are following a real course. One of those courses that explains in detail what tools to use, how and why to use them. Often when you put make-up on you don’t … Continue Reading

How did you spend this long weekend of rain and clouds? I was on Saturday to try my wedding gown, and what about… I find it absolutely fabulous. They’re probably part of it, but for me it’s the most beautiful outfit I’ve seen so far. With the anguish in the heart that I can not … Continue Reading

Hello girls, today we talk about two well-known brands: Yves Rocher and Essence. We have known the Yves Rocher line for many years, for a few months Blery and not only did she also represent, however in our experience we never had the chance to try the BB cream. We therefore take the opportunity to … Continue Reading

How many of you in these first 10 days of December feel they have run against the clock? Christmas is approaching, exactly 2 weeks are missing and there are always many things to do. We all work and that little free time (which should be used to relax a little and rest) we invest in … Continue Reading

Now we are in the middle of summer, among the many accessories that bring a breath of novelty and freshness in our beauty routine can not miss the scented water and summer fragrances. And as Coco Chanel said: “A woman should wear her perfume wherever she would like to be kissed”. The fragrant creations of … Continue Reading