This year many of our certainties have collapsed, the pandemic has limited us in many ways, but it has given us more time to understand who we are without necessarily seeking “perfection”. Over the years it is repeated over and over: “Perfection does not exist”! But how many young people come together and accept each … Continue Reading

Do not be afraid: if your hair tends to fall with the change of season, this is a completely natural occurrence. This is not just a problem for you: I, like all women in the world, fight each year with this stressful phase! It is a very common phenomenon: the hair enters a spare phase, … Continue Reading

Hi girls , how are holidays ? We are still at sea to enjoy these much awaited vacation … but we certainly can not forget about you and share with you . Janeke 1830: circle sarin… distant memories!   Today we wanted to talk about the beautiful satin headband Janeke 1830 , diameter 33cm decorated … Continue Reading

Ciao ragazze, oggi vorrei parlare dei tagli più glamour dell’estate 2016, che vedremo nei prossimi due mesi estivi. Voi quale stile preferite,  Long or boyish (alla maschietta)?! Chi non ha paura di darci un taglio, avrà davvero l’imbarazzo della scelta, ma anche chi adora la propria chioma lunga saprà come valorizzare il proprio look.   I … Continue Reading