Otranto, a weekend and a blast from the past!

Today, in collaboration with Annamaria Iannelli, we want to take you to Otranto, telling about her experience. In mid-July I spent a weekend in the fantastic Otranto, a city located on the east coast of the Salento peninsula, the easternmost point of the boot. Before leaving I had a different perception, I was convinced that … Continue Reading

Sardinia summer 2019, my hand luggage!

Sardinia is the destination of my summer holidays. Summer 2019 still brings us back to Sardinia for two weeks. One of the two destinations we chose to spend our holidays, we had already visited a few years ago. Sardinia summer 2019 the goals that will make us dream. Cabras is the first destination. We do … Continue Reading

Sea in Calabria, a dip in the blue!

Sea in Calabria, a dip in the blue could only be the right title for this article. After the wedding we could not leave immediately for the honeymoon, so we decided to have a weekend in the sea of ​​Calabria, more precisely in Tropea. Yes, we took advantage of the beautiful sunny days that this … Continue Reading

Alberobello: a postcard from Puglia!

Hi girls how are you? I well, though, to be returned to work after so many holidays I have to say that is tough. Every so often I lose myself fantasizing through the streets of the city that I discovered on this trip, some totally new others already known. My vacation this year has been in … Continue Reading

What to see in Sterzing in one day!

Perhaps many know it for the Christmas markets, and it will be so almost certainly because of the many offers of trips organized in the day that we read on each site under the Christmas period. Sterzing is much more than this, but let’s tell it from the beginning our itinerary in one of the … Continue Reading

Aosta in the heart: a little trip to the mountains!

Goodmorning beauties, today I want to talk to you about a trip out of town that has remained in my heart: mine in Aosta for a weekend of total relaxation during the Christmas season. I do not know about you, but I love traveling, it would be for me to spend my life on holiday, … Continue Reading

Beach office 19-vacation dream – yes, but where ?!

Goodmorning beauties, we were a bit absent at this time due to site maintenance, but as you can see we are back with a more beautiful and elegant site. We really wanted to make some small changes to make it more harmonious both for us and for you, to make reading easier and make your … Continue Reading

Tuscany mon amour!

Good morning beauty, I had promised you to take part in my holidays and here is here, albeit somewhat late, the post dedicated to them.

Holidays in Sardinia, an exotic destination!

Now the heat has exploded even in that of Milan, the summer breathes in the air, the flowers smell and the birds keep us company with their song. It is precisely at this time of year, punctually every year, between work commitments that have no end and fatigue, that a fixed thought takes shape in … Continue Reading

Diving Polignano a mare: a window on the sea!

Here I am again, this time I take you with me in an intermediate stage. The second stop on these holidays was Ostuni, but before reaching the white city we took a little break in this wonder. A window on the sea, the dives of Polignano a mare and Modugno frame this. Left Alba Adriatica, … Continue Reading