Easter, one of the most important holidays of Christianity. Easter 2020 will be remembered in history as Easter in the time of the coronavirus, no more Christmas with yours and Easter with whoever you want. We are all inside our homes in forced closure, what we call quarantine, for over a month. We will also … Continue Reading

Covid -19, scientific name of the now well-known Coronavirus in Italy and worldwide. The whole of Italy is in full emergency for this dangerous virus, and the only thing we citizens can do at this moment to help the health system is to stay at home. Of course, staying indoors is not as simple as … Continue Reading

In these difficult days that our country is going through, we just have to arm ourselves with a lot of patience. The coronavirus has divided us, we hear every day of people who cannot see their family and it is the same thing that we are facing too. We are, of course, even closer to … Continue Reading

The times dear reader friends are difficult for everyone, #iorestoacasa is the most used hashtag these days on social networks. Contrasting views on the topic of “talking about blogs about this coronavirus”? I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that talking about it can help. It doesn’t matter if the blog … Continue Reading

It’s been weeks now where nothing else is heard except coronavirus. Living in the province of Lodi, Ily was the first of the two of us to face the situation. It frightens and agitates this unknown disease, although they say it is, only a slightly more severe form of flu. It is also true that … Continue Reading

Happy New Year to all, doesn’t this 2020 sound good to you too? We had several things planned, but 2019 did not even allow us to take a trip out of town and so we had more time to put ideas in order. We have been telling you for some time, especially for those who … Continue Reading

France, before the revolution, the debutantes’ ball was born. Let’s say he didn’t really have a romantic purpose, as we can think of it today; the task was to find the prince charming for the girls of high society. Stresa 2020, the same event, but that allows you to dream thanks to Mrs. Giovanna Pratesi … Continue Reading

It will be the fault of Cinderella, who thanks to the crystal shoe found her prince charming, or of Kate and Meghan who married Queen Elizabeth’s beloved grandchildren, but we all dream of being princesses for at least a day. Princess for a day in 2020 is still possible? Princesses are born or do you … Continue Reading