The pandemic has stopped everyone’s imagination a bit, the suit was the most used garment during the lockdown period in the past year. 2021 wants to start with the winter sales, allowing stores to somehow recover from the big economic loss and customers to buy the much desired garment on sale.   Buying responsibly … Continue Reading

This difficult moment continues, most likely a new lockdown will enter our life. If during the first we had some difficulty in finding the best corner of the house to create our smart working office, to have comfortable and beautiful clothing at the same time, now we have all the time to prepare to be … Continue Reading

The lockdown has also upset the way we dress. Working in smart working has made us somewhat less fashionable and has brought out the desire to return to the new normal look, to minimal fashion, the one that needs a few and basic clothes, to be chic at the same time. We know that summer … Continue Reading

Our holidays are now two weeks away and we haven’t packed our bags yet. To be honest we do it enough at the last moment, but with today we absolutely have to start thinking about what to pack. Our summer holidays will turn to the sea, precisely in Salento, Puglia and its warmth awaits us. … Continue Reading

The suit is a beautiful garment, but be careful that it is not just for staying indoors. With the suit we can absolutely look elegant if worn in the right version. Let’s see together how to wear the suit, the one much loved for comfort. Let’s face it, today we have several models available both … Continue Reading

Summer is almost upon us, despite the difficult moment we are experiencing, we think about the holidays and the desire we have to wear our long summer clothes. Does it also happen to you to want to wear your long floral dress to look thinner? Today we want to give you one of our little … Continue Reading

In this closing period, the clothing we used for the most part was certainly the suit. The suit is one of the garments that are used the most to stay indoors, especially in the cold season. Not only for its comfort, but also for beauty. There are different types of tracksuits, from the sportiest to … Continue Reading

It is known that every season has its accessories, those that help us create always different looks. Spring is now in full swing, it was not long in spite of the difficult moment we are going through. For this reason we must think about spring summer accessories and how to combine them. One of the … Continue Reading