As every year, the fashion greats have chosen the colors that will influence the trends in clothing, accessories, make-up and even interior design in the next 12 months. For 2021 the color will not be just one but two: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (bright yellow). Yes, you got it right, it’s about using two colors: … Continue Reading

Women’s fashion has undergone several evolutions over the years and with it also the essential items that we use every day, that is, the inevitable ones in our wardrobe. The key word that modern women wanted to convey to the great designers, who create and launch trends is: “comfort”. Fashion, like many other sectors, is … Continue Reading

The holidays are over now for almost everyone, most of us have already returned to the office. September is also for those who work a little like the first day of school, we want to present ourselves at our best and have the right clothing for our return to the office. Fortunately, now we no … Continue Reading

The lockdown has also upset the way we dress. Working in smart working has made us somewhat less fashionable and has brought out the desire to return to the new normal look, to minimal fashion, the one that needs a few and basic clothes, to be chic at the same time. We know that summer … Continue Reading

Summer is the season I love most, it allows you to wear super light clothes and feel glamorous at the same time. A women’s t-shirt will not have the same charm as the long and enveloping coat in winter, but it allows you to create different looks. I absolutely love them, not only because they … Continue Reading

From the It-bags of the moment, those that the designers have pointed out as the must-have 2020, to the spring / summer bags landed on Amazon, the step is short. I don’t know about you, but we are super happy with this news, the beauty of being able to buy the perfect bag with one … Continue Reading

The warm season is approaching and with it the desire to bring out spring clothing. Dressing in a lighter way is the first thing we think about, when some more sunshine makes us company. This year the soft colors will be the most used on spring clothing, there is no question of this aspect, seasonal … Continue Reading