Always when I heard the word kimono I immediately thought of Japan and cartoons. Growing up I realized that he could very well adapt to our wardrobe too, and now I find it fabulously fascinating.

The timeless charm of the Kimono!

We know that growing the tastes of each of us change, hopefully always better, but even worse. In my case, by introducing this item of clothing in my wardrobe, I have to say I’ve done bingo. Yes, because the kimono is a very versatile garment, it is worn well with both skirts / dresses and trousers.

Now that we are in the fall and the days begin to cool off even during the day, I find both a perfect garment as a coat, does not weigh down the look and gives the comfort of not having the air on. That’s right, because autumn is a strange season, however beautiful and particular. You leave the morning at home with a jacket and scarf, but then during the day the sun peeks out giving us still warm and sunny temperatures.

In addition to comfort, I find that the kimono has a timeless charm.

I had bought this from Wish a while ago, in shades of blue that echoes the sea and memories that now belong to the summer. It is a light fabric, but at the same time during the day, with the sun still warming it is enough to protect and not feel the cold. But I must reveal that in my closet is not missing even the one suitable for the winter season, I often use it at home and I feel super chic 🙂

What do you think of this item of clothing? Is it among your favorites or do you consider it absolutely out? Let me know what your tastes are in the comments below. In order not to lose our outfits, follow us also on stories and on instagram.

kimono fascino intramontabile

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Such a great look! I love the kimono
Julia x


Thanks dear!

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