Hello girls,

It is said that the wearer of the yellow feels good about himself and others. Now we are in the middle of summer, the sun shines in the morning early and makes you want to dress up.

The other night, in fact, at last I decided to join a girls ‘ night out … I opened the wardrobe and in my head already imagined what color to wear … I had a crazy and unexplainable desire of yellow!

Not for nothing in the collections of Dolce & Gabbana we see everywhere, among Sicilian lemons and sunflowers for the wearer to shine.

I choose the yellow and you?

I opted for this velvet dress (must have 2016-2017) yellow. Yellow for me is the color associated with the sense of identity, of ‘ I, and strong personality. Wearing it makes me feel better, I calms senses and fills me with wholesome merriment.  Of course I can’t deny that I’m not good at all, you must know how to wear.

This kind of dress is perfect for a quiet evening with friends … and very comfortable to wear and definitely do not pass unnoticed. In him I felt a child in full electricity, maybe it’s just from the heat of this color.

To complete my look, I added a few floral wedges between yellow and light green and a bag that imagination takes up the same color … so I chose the yellow in all its forms.

The photos were taken in the city of Lodi!

You can choose colors for this hot summer 2017?





Outfit details:

Dress: Zara

Bag: Zara

Wedge Sandals: Pittarello

Necklace: Fendi




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hai bel vestito 🙂 io ho scelto blu https://stileo.it/donna/abbigliamento-donna/vestiti/vero-moda-vmakina-vestito-blue-white_9999443 🙂


Grazie, bello anche in blu!


grazie 🙂

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