A few articles ago we talked about the Milan fashion week 2019, of how fashion houses have already dictated the rules in the beauty field for the spring / summer 2020 fashion. Today we want to bring back the clothing trends for next season. We know that we are going towards the season of grayness, coats, Texan boots and the cold, but we like to dream a little more about women’s fashion for the warm season.

Let’s see together what are the latest trends in women’s clothing

There are 7 trends in summer clothing 2020 that we have selected for you.
While for the Beauty section we prefer simplicity, in clothing we dare a little more.

Therefore let’s see how:

  1. We will not abandon the animalier, zebra, exotic style, call it a little bit as you like, anyhow, the fact is that you have to have at least one item in the wardrobe. Dolce and Gabbano lay down the law and are inspired by the exotic world. What can not miss combined with an outfit like this is definitely the mini bag.
  2. No to black, or at least to be alternated with bright colors that will be of great tendency such as: red, yellow, orange and electric blue, which can also be combined with each other. Natural colors such as earth-colored and all neutral tones are also favored. Yes, once again in the jungle, Mrs. Versace abandons black to leave space for turquoise and fluorescent green. It seems that the summer clothing for this spring summer is inspired by the animal world.
  3. And then, twist: white. Here we do not mean an accessory, but a total white from head to toe as seen on the Valentino catwalk. We know that the master of elegance never contradicts himself. You want to be super fashion, then combine white with gold and you will be perfect for your trendy summer clothing. Blery, who will soon be leaving for her honeymoon, is planning to pack something similar, in the Maldives it could be perfect.
    ultime tendenze moda
    moda donna 2020
    tendenze primavera estate 2020
  4. If you are a lover of tailoring, here are the latest trends for spring and summer clothing. Yes and absolutely yes to the tuxedo, but not the rigid one we are used to seeing, but embellished with ruffles, puffs, lace like Victorian women. This brings Alexander McQueen back to the catwalk.
  5. Total denim is back for the spring summer 2020 women’s fashion. Celine proposes it again on the catwalk, a denim shirt and trousers. We know that fashions return.
    abbigliamento estivo
    tendenze abbigliamento primavera estate
  6. Chanel instead proposes the short pants, the shorter they are the hotter they are. It is advisable to wear them only with black tights that make the figure slimmer or for the bravest without socks.
  7. Gucci offers us the fetish, not that it hasn’t already been seen in recent years. Lingerie in sight, lace, vinyl. In order not to miss anything, leather collars also come from the latest fashion trends. Personally yes to the lingerie in view under the blazer or cardigan, but no go around in nightgown or underpants and bra. Fashion is fine, but it’s always good to keep a minimum of decorum, isn’t it ?!
    abbigliamento donna estate
    moda donna

There is a wide choice on what can, to a lesser or greater extent according to taste, influence our wardrobes.
It must be said, however, that MFW’s spring summer 2020 women’s fashion trends, or at least those that most impressed us, seem to be easily applicable to everyday outfits, what do you think?
The important thing, what really matters is knowing how to take inspiration while always maintaining one’s personality and style. How do you find these ideas for next year’s summer clothing?

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Image source: Vogue.it

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