That spread down the lights, you get up in the music, which makes us dream about the summer collection 2017!

The long-awaited Milan fashion week has come and in a jiffy is already over. Like every year there by appointment in September, to seduce us with the collections, what we wear and will trend next season: PE 2017. This year September 21 to 26 Milan are filled with parades, fabulous clothes, one by streetstyle fear and many many VIP.

Collections that make you dream: Milan fashion week in 2016!

Black is a new black!


We have seen the models on the catwalk to show off wonderful clothes with Gucci which officially opens the dance, but what they really offer the designers? Here is a selection that definitely does not need many words.


Bold colors and transparencies are the masters.

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Luisa Beccaria

Absolutely our favorite. A woman who flits between super light fabrics and transparencies.

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Lines: they are vertical (streamline and minimize the defects), horizontal (enlarge and emphasize the strong points), wide or narrow important that there are. A must that never goes out of style, but returns and is renewed every year. Even the floral motifs made great return and are perfect for both day and evening.

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Alberta Ferretti

Transparencies boo, flounces and ruffles for a romantic woman and with style.

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Les Copains

Again we see this super trend lines and transparencies.

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For a woman of character, decisive and who loves to play with clothes.

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This was a small selection of what lies ahead for Spring Summer 2017. We just have to write down what he gives us, and we like the most, take inspiration and make it our own. Fashion is beautiful because we can customize it and not follow it as well as we are offered. To each her look!

What were your favorite collections?

Kisses gilrs!



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