In the hot season, we often look at the corners of our home and we want to change something. However, the change almost never happens starting from large furniture, so we focused on choosing several white-framed posters.

We like to find spare paintings to have even according to the season. We often play with the colors they contain within their prints. This play of colors and sizes allows us to change perspective on the room in which we are going to place our paintings. Small example, in the cold season we kept a painting with the mountain on the wall of our living room, it certainly reflected the climate more. During the summer we like the sea, the sun, the flowers and the soft colors. So we decided to buy a combo of paintings of different sizes and we decided to put aside the mountains and the winter, to make room for the summer.

On the Dear Sam website we have made a selection of 7 posters. We let ourselves be guided by the trends of the moment, we have selected paintings of different sizes, to be able to play with volumes in this way. Playing with the size of the paintings, we can decide to place them both on the wall and by placing them as ornaments. The beauty of this site is that you have the possibility to customize, in addition to the size, also the color of the frames.

We have chosen posters with a white frame, they are much better combined with the rooms of our home, but you can also easily choose the oak frame that is becoming the most popular lately. The prints we have chosen reflect the summer a lot, the desire for a holiday is great and so we decided to introduce the feeling of well-being, sea, sun and relaxation in our home for longer. As you can see among the paintings we have the sea that we often reach as a destination for our holidays, the flowers as our mother is always crazy about them, the palm trees that remind us a lot of the exotic islands that sooner or later we would like to visit. Pastel colors are the ones that impressed us the most, pastel yes but strong and high quality prints.

We bought some prints in the past, but they didn’t have the quality of the posters you can find on Dear Sam, the colors on paper are vivid, just great.

Our posters have come a long way, but the packaging was perfect, the boxes are tailored to the posters and frames for greater product protection. This is a fundamental element, it would be unfortunate to receive the damaged goods.

Well you don’t need a lot of description, you are amazed at the very moment you unpack. We want to talk about the kindness and professionalism of the customer service? They are always kind and ready to give you the best advice. Product shipping is super fast, they don’t take long and the prints arrive home in about a week.

You just have to choose your posters, the frame to match and change the face of your home.

How about the posters we chose, do you like them? If you too want to beautify and change a corner of your home, then run and use the discount code SPRINTSISTERS35 which will offer you 35% discount on all posters in the period 26.07-09.08.

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