One of the most serious problems with SEO is that of broken links. How to find all these broken links in wordpress? Let’s say it’s not really immediate, it would mean having to reread all the articles on your website. Broken links are nothing more than links that do not return to the destination, or that perhaps over the years are no longer active.

For example: if you make an article and want to put the link that takes you back to the “who we are” page, but you don’t write the link correctly, you will never be able to reach the desired page. This is very SERIOUS for google.

The problem with broken links for articles written in wordpress and not, is also to disturb the user experience within the site. As the user browses, maybe click on the linked words, not finding any landing page, he could also leave the site. Broken links are a nuisance, so you have to look for them and replace them or disconnect them from the words.

How to find broken links?

Broken links are crawl errors. Crawl errors are those errors that Google’s automatic search system generates when it tries to read the content of your site but has not achieved complete success. This means that there were broken links within the content. How can we intervene to find them and solve this problem?

Google is very generous and offers various solutions to webmasters, but the most used and free service is that of Google Search Console. All you have to do is register your site on the home page, verify ownership and be able to take advantage of these free services. There are two ways to verify your site, either via the domain or via the URL prefix.

Whatever the verification method you choose, it is quite simple and intuitive, but if you need to contact us for advice.

Once you have chosen the mode and verified your site, you will have access to the various features of the Google Search Console. You can also go to the crawl errors function, which is located within the Coverage section. In this area you will be able to see the broken links inside your articles, see which URLs no longer exist and are generating 404 errors. This probably takes a little time, but it is a very effective method to intervene on the SEO of the your site.

Have you ever heard of Broken Link Checker?

I plugin sono un altro metodo super efficace per trovare i link rotti. Broken link checker è davvero un ottimo plugin, non molto pesante e funziona davvero in autonomia. Una volta installato dalla sezione Plugin ->aggiungi nuovo del tuo sito wordpress, non devi fare altro che dimenticartene. Il plugin in totale autonomia cercherà tra gli articoli del tuo sito quali siano i link rotti. Periodicamente, man mano che ne trova ti avviserà tramite una mail. Però, quando entri nella dashboard del tuo sito, nella voce strumenti del menù a sinitra, troverai strumenti, al suo interno vedrai anche la voce link rotti. Man mano che il plugin ne rileva di fianco ci sarà un numerino.

Once you know how many there are, you can decide to

  • disconnect the link from the linked word
  • replace the URL of that link with another functional one
  • decide to click on NOT BROKEN if you think that link is fine and does not need maintenance.

Now that you have learned how to intervene on the broken links of your site, you will no longer have to underestimate this problem and not even lose because of it, positions and traffic within your site and google.

How did you find your broken links before? Have you ever tried broken link checker? If you think about it, how did you find it?

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