Autumn has arrived again this year, unexpectedly asked the summer to step aside, to introduce a light morning breeze and the colors that accompany us in the streets of the cities.

We look to summer with nostalgia, not only for the desire to take a dip in the crystalline sea of Sardinia, the place where we spent the holidays, but also for the desire not to put away the summer clothes already.

Who said summer dresses can’t be worn even in autumn? Even before thinking about the change of seasons and wardrobe organization, we want to give summer clothes the possibility to be worn again for a while.

We know well that, even among you there are those who think like this, that’s why we wanted to write this article. Not to make you feel nostalgic for summer, but to give you some idea of combinations.

Take for example that white dress that we love so much, the same one we had in our suitcase during the holidays, the one that looks even better with a little tan.

If you don’t feel like putting it away already, we understand you very well, so we have three suggestions for you on how to combine it:

  • White dress, in case it is a mini sheath dress, we suggest wearing it with tone sur tone boots and an overcoat (coat or trench, in any case strictly long)
  • For a business meeting, the sheath dress with a cardigan and heels is fine, the classic décolleté is super fine.
  • More casual version, turtleneck under the sheath dress, with a low shoe. Green light for sabots, lace-ups and ballet flats.
  • More casual version, turtleneck under the sheath dress, with a low shoe. Green light for sabots, lace-ups and ballet flats.

And if you want to take a cue from one of the most loved films, then we bring you Vivian in Pretty Woman.

The same goes for a black dress. Certainly black in itself immediately brings to mind the elegance and the little black dress the memory of Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Let’s say that in front of the image of this film there is very little to say.

Let’s abandon being chic for a moment, you can’t be chic from morning to night. What happened to the denim shorts you loved so much during your holidays? Do we want to give new life and not abandon them immediately for next summer?

Here are a couple of ideas on how you can combine them. Here, too, a pair of knee-high boots are always good, both with and without heels, it all depends on the occasion. Of course, speaking of a pair of shorts, the occasion certainly could not be an elegant dinner, but for an aperitif they could be fine. Being that the season is that of breeze and fresh air, a long blazer suits us well in the evening. For the rest you can opt for both shirts and turtlenecks, the result will certainly be perfect.

abiti estivi

We hope these ideas can help you create your fall looks without having to ditch your favorite summer pieces already. We read you in the comments, let us know what you think.

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