It was the feminine symbol par excellence; the miniskirt returns to the fore in the summer of 2022.

It was born in the 1960s as a sign of emancipation, when showing oneself was a way to shout one’s freedom to the world. The woman must always be free and there should be no reason why she should hide in long bulky clothes. For this reason, a roundup of super bodycon and fashion dresses awaits you on the femmeluxe website.

It must be said that the miniskirt has never completely abandoned us over the years, but in the two-year period 2020-2022 we focused more on a midi or maxi solution. The catwalks speak for themselves, whether you are tall and slender, small and slender or curvy, the miniskirt will become the # 1 weapon of seduction and femininity.

What are the strengths in the miniskirt for summer 2022?

Following fashion shouldn’t be an obligation or an addiction. On the contrary, it must be a way of reinventing ourselves by expressing our personality; through a dress, a jacket or an accessory. In short, it is giving free rein to our personality, combining two different garments, which must tell about us. So how to wear the miniskirt?

minigonna 2022

Following this logical thread, the miniskirt can express many facets of us; give us a jaunty air, passing through the more sensual and transgressive one.

Miniskirt yes, but comfortable and colorful outfit.

The skirt, or rather the miniskirt, is not always part of the list of comfortable garments. One of the key points, perceived of the 2022 fashion shows, is precisely that a mast have garment does not need many presentations, but to change the view on its use.

The return of the miniskirt also wants to be a revenge after two difficult years of pandemic, where often the outfit was created by a pair of super comfortable wool joggings. The miniskirt in 2022 marks the desire to launch into new perspectives with great enthusiasm.

One of the strengths is undoubtedly the color: independent of the fabric or style, the 2022 miniskirt is colored; bright and full of energy.

How can we make an outfit with a miniskirt comfortable and at the same time chic, as well as feminine?

When we talk about a miniskirt, in our mind the image of an elegant outfit without the inevitable stilettos takes place, it is not quite so … in this hot summer 2022 the miniskirt takes a completely different shape and can be worn even during the day in the following versions:

  • suit (miniskirt and matching jacket) + flat ballet flats / sandals
  • miniskirt + t-shirt + sandals + low heel
  • miniskirt + faux leather jacket
  • miniskirt + top / crop top / cropped vest (another big comeback)
  • miniskirt + white shirt
  • miniskirt + knitted polo shirt
come indossare la minigonna

These are some ideas for a comfortable and chic outfit, but at the same time easily combinable.

For very young girls, physical permitting, they can go further and wear it with the beloved crop top, in short, there is something for everyone.

For those who still feel the crisp air, go ahead for joggers and longewear

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