The times dear reader friends are difficult for everyone, #iorestoacasa is the most used hashtag these days on social networks. Contrasting views on the topic of “talking about blogs about this coronavirus”? I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that talking about it can help. It doesn’t matter if the blog isn’t about medicine, health or politics. The covid-19 has become our enemy to fight and we must do it while staying at home.

I often feel that staying at home is difficult, tell us that we can’t meet in person, Blery lives 40 km away and we all miss each other. We understand very well that this situation is hard and difficult to endure, but you have to do it just to end this surreal moment. Staying at home we all fight this virus together, in order to be free to see each other and hug each other stronger than before.

Let’s see together what we can do to not get bored at home during the coronavirus.

We do not have much free time during the week, working from home we dedicate ourselves to work in the home office, we thank for this the intelligence of our employers. This should not be the case, but there are employers who do not understand this need and continue to keep offices and workplaces open, despite the fact that the service they offer is not of primary necessity.

Having said that we certainly do not want to bore you with everything you already hear on the news, so we thought of a list of things to do at home to combat the boredom of this moment. Let’s face it, at the bottom of us they are just asking to stay at home, sitting comfortably on our sofa, our grandparents asked to make war.

5 things to do to spend the free time that this surreal situation is giving us.

We always complain about not having free time to devote to ourselves and our passions. Now that we are forced to stay at home, we can do what we don’t normally do. Here too there are those who complain and want to find solutions not to get bored at home.

  • Reading could be an excellent idea to pass the time. Reading is investing in time that passes, enriches the mind and also the language. Reading helps to live a parallel reality, that of the characters that we find in the history of the book we read, in this way we are not bored for sure. We can leave you here some title of books that we have read ourselves, in these closing days you can buy directly on the Amazon store, or activate Amazon kindle unlimited

These are all books that we have read and loved very much. Some are romantic, some autobiographical and others tear-jerking. Some leave their mark so strongly and deeply that you wish it would never end.

  • Another thing that can be done these days is to watch TV, TV shows and movies, let’s say it is one of the favorite pastimes. Here too the solutions are different, you can watch the series on Netflix or alternatively on Amazon Video.
  • We can take this period to spend at home to tidy up the same without getting bored. We can do the so-called spring cleaning, wash the window panes, rearrange drawers and drawers (which Blery will have to do forced by her husband, who complains that the drawers of the bathroom cabinet contain too many tricks and cosmetic products). It could also be the right occasion to anticipate the change of season of the wardrobe. Select spring and summer clothes and put them at the forefront of autumn and winter clothes. Or if you want, you can completely change your way of rearranging the wardrobe. This time the mission could be to reorder by type or color. Remember that soft colors will be the most used ones this spring summer. If the hashtag #iorestoacasa resonates in your head, you don’t have to demoralize yourself, we can make ourselves beautiful even to stay at home, this does not forbid anyone.
  • We must not forget to take time for ourselves and our well-being. Now that the gyms are closed and it is not even possible to go for a run, we can safely exercise within the walls of our home. In case of beautiful and sunny days we can take advantage of the balcony or terrace to stay outdoors. You just have to feel like it, there is no excuse that can prevent home training. There are several apps that you can download or alternatively follow youtube channels that offer guided exercises.
come non annoiarsi a casa
  • Our last suggestion is to invest this time on the study. You can take some courses online that you are passionate about, make-up, cooking, Seo for those who have a blog or would like to open one and so on.

Not getting bored at home during coronavirus becomes difficult, but it’s not impossible if we think positive. We invest this time on ourselves, for the sake of our health and loved ones. A time will come when the covid-19 will be for all only a bitter and distant memory, but now let’s remember to remain united even if distant.


Only in this way can we fight covid-19


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