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some nights when we come home late, fatigue is felt, heavy eyelids close by sleep, Makeup remover gets boring and tiring. But we certainly can not go to bed without removing makeup from the skin and impurities with which we come into contact during the day.

But how to remove make-up if sleep gets the upper hand?


Cotton Plus: water lights up the magic!

No problem, today we present this stunning news: Cotton Plus solution 2 in 1, let us see what it is.

simply speak of cotton pads, exactly the ones we use every day in our routine to remove make up, just that these are special. Eh girls, have their own special, you think that just a few drops of water and the magic is activated. These miraculous diskettes already contain within them the cleansing milk, moisten with a few drops of water and then pass on the face or the areas that we want to remove make-up. As if by magic the trick is on.

In addition to being so practical in the ‘use they are also in the package, maxi or mini according to the needs of each of us and you can also put in travel by plane kit, as, without activation with the water are completely dry.

What does this new formula?

The natural ingredients contained in the make-up remover cotton are numerous beneficial actions:

  • The Argan; It moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Vitamin E; recognized antioxidant activity
  • Carrot; It stimulates cell regeneration
  • Aloe; It nourishes and moisturizes the skin

100% natural, contains no alcohol, preservatives and parabens! World First!

Us after we tested remained enthusiastic, in addition to its cleansing function that does not weigh, faster and eliminates impurities is active, has a long life. The packaging once opened does not lose its effectiveness, simply it remains dry in time to reactivate as soon as wet.

You have it already tried? How does it look?



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Mi oiace cootone, e importante dormire senza makeup e mi oiace questo prodotto! Mi oiacerebbe comprae esatamente questo cotone, mi sembra molto buono! Una bella giornata!


È davvero un buon prodotto e diventa anche comodo quando si viaggia. Provalo e dici cosa ne pensi. Bacione


Thanks for sharing your tips!
Thanks for your lovely words on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


Yes of course! Kisses


Looks great! I usually feel so lazy about removing my make-up even though I always do it.



Thanks! Is very important to remove the make up before sleep! Kisses

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