We always dream of girls on the wedding day, an accomplice perhaps Cinderella, but we believe in Prince Charming. Many doubts about this, here’s one very important: bridesmaids yes or bridesmaids no?

For us bridsmaids yes!

Be accompanied by bridesmaids in the wedding day, now it became fully rule even in Italy. Used to seeing romantic Anglo-Saxon film, in which the protagonists, in addition to the bride, are beautiful and extravagant bridesmaids.

For those who must play this role in the short and loves trendy style low cost, Styledress.co.nz is the perfect online shop for the occasion.

Styledress.co.nz is a young Australian company focused on creating wedding dresses, wedding gowns, costumes, jewelry and much more.

Bridesmaids: how to dress in style !?


Conformist and dreamy, somewhere between rustic and vintage chic boho style it is perfect for those who want to celebrate their wedding in an informal style.

The clothing of bridesmaids is, without doubt, the most exciting area for all the girls who are called to carry out this task.

Which dress to choose for that day?

They have strict rules to follow for this look: first, bridesmaids should not in any way to shame the bride to be the absolute queen.

Styledress.co.nz pays great attention to the bridesmaids dresses NZ, the online store you will find a wide variety of wonderful clothes for any style.

The person called to carry out this task, important and beautiful, should not fear for apparel choice. Under Bridesmaids can choose from 80 models: long, short, one-shoulder, chiffon, flared, and much more.

You have never had the opportunity to play this role? What clothes you choose it?

-Blery & Ily-



– Bridesmaids: how to dress in style !? –


Bridesmaid Dresses NZ

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So beautieful dresses.
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Awesome dress!! You look amazing in this dress. I love this :):)



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