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how many of you want to personalize your home making it unique and welcoming as much as possible? So here is the right post for you.

Before we even explain what this is all about, we want to leave this SPRINTSISTERS discount code, a 40% discount only valid for three days (21-23 November), to buy your favorite posters and frames, excluding posters and posters handpicked.

Desenio: home decor! Posters and frames for a personalized home!

Well we did not want to reveal it right away, but you have already understood that we are talking about posters and paintings. We like to personalize our home, each of us has chosen the paintings that best fit their environment and space. We both chose white frames and we were on postery with just as clear and light colors to give light and the feeling of expansion to space.

Ily chose three paintings, one 70X100 adapting it over the sofa in the living area, the picture representing the mountain in perfect winter style and two floral prints to bring the spring back into the same room, measuring 50×70.

Blery instead opted for the “perfect couple“, two paintings sold together as they are in harmony with each other and with the environment where he decided to place them. His bedroom is framed by this beautiful collage of paintings. Romanticism is an important aspect of an ingenious romance like her and so there could be no better phrase to hang on the wall: “It’s our favorite place to be!”

In addition to the beauty they give to the walls of the house, these paintings are of the highest quality, printed on opaque and non-skimmed paper, style, refinement and design to meet every customer’s needs. Their prints are innumerable and different among them (nature, animals, plants, fashion, writing, graphics) to facilitate any kind of environment and furnishings.

What to say: thanks to Desenio for this collaboration and for the beautiful paintings that allowed us to hang on our home wall. Customized environments are the most intimate ones and that … make you feel at home 🙂

Do you love paintings? Do not forget to use the SPRINTSISTERS discount code, -40% from 21 to 23 November.

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