Spring is coming, now there is little time left and usually in this period we do what we call spring cleaning. Facial cleansing is just as important, we must not neglect or even forget to do it.

During the winter, the skin breathes less, cold air and atmospheric agents make the skin less beautiful, more gray and dull. In addition to good habits, such as always removing make-up and performing proper cleansing, every now and then you need to pay some extra attention to the skin of the face.

It is not enough just to remove your make-up in the evening, I recommend never going to bed with makeup on, it not only ages the skin, but also creates annoying pimples and blackheads. Little tip, every night after removing the make-up use a balancing tonic, you will see that your skin will thank you.

Do-it-yourself facial cleansing with Pure Italia’s silicone brush

We had not, before, used a silicone brush for facial cleansing. Since we discovered that of Pure Italia we can no longer do without it. The brush looks good, small and handy, you can easily carry it even in your handbag. Also perfect to carry in the beauty case during a trip, we know that travels are beautiful, but also tiring for this reason a cuddle is always welcome for the skin. The color is beautiful, Tiffany, not breakfast at Tiffany’s, but just blue like the prince, but this time we are talking about a purifying fairytale.

How to use?

If you are wondering how to use it we will explain it to you right away and you can see it in this reel. The brush is charged with its own USB cable, once it is charged press the button in the center and you will feel a light and pleasant vibration. Moisten the face with a foamy cleanser, pass the brush over each point to remove impurities and blackheads from the skin.

Immediately after you will feel the skin of the face smoother and cleaner, the massage that is applied to the skin also helps to regain the tone and elasticity that are lacking over time.

It becomes a daily gesture and a cuddle to be granted at the end of the evening for a thorough cleaning.

Once the face cleaning operation is finished, all you have to do is rinse the brush well and put it back in its box.

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