France, before the revolution, the debutantes’ ball was born. Let’s say he didn’t really have a romantic purpose, as we can think of it today; the task was to find the prince charming for the girls of high society.

Stresa 2020, the same event, but that allows you to dream thanks to Mrs. Giovanna Pratesi who, gathering adhesions all over the national territory, allows young girls a personal improvement, enhancing the host territory and helping the less fortunate. All this thanks to its association of APEVCO (Associazione No Profit Verbano Cusio Ossola Events Promotion) now in its ninth edition. 2020 hosts the special edition, the tenth, at the Regina Palace Hotel in Stresa Sunday 8 March 2020.

Who can participate in a real dream in the frame of Lake Maggiore?

To participate you need to be between 15 and 35 years of age, of any nationality, the debutants will be divided into two categories: PRINCESS (15-25 years) and QUEENS (26-35 years). The debutantes in wonderful dresses like real princesses and the beautiful knights, former students of the National Association of the Teuliè Military School, will enter by dancing step by step, thus creating a romantic atmosphere, but with solid values.

The debutantes’ dance is not just elegant clothes, lace and lace as many might imagine, it’s not just makeup and hair, but real life lessons. That’s right, the young dreamy girls, in addition to learning how to enhance their physical appearance, thanks to behavior, dance, image and make-up lessons, will also participate in communication classes, psychology, cooking, bon ton and much more. In addition to attending lessons with industry professionals, they will have the opportunity to participate in cultural tourist excursions.

What to say, the Grand Ball of Debutantes from Stresa is enriched with initiatives year after year, touching on increasingly important themes. At the end of this path the participants will have a certificate of participation known for curricular purposes.

The event wants to give a dream, a lot of lightness and happiness, but also to help those who don’t have it all. For years, in fact, during the event funds have been collected to evolve in solidarity with the LILT (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) of the Verbano Cusio Ossola and the Foundation on the Research of Cystic Fibrosis Delegation of Varese.

You too dream, Debutante Ball, Stresa 2020

Dreaming costs nothing, making others dream even less. Sometimes it is possible to give moments of happiness and lightheartedness even with just our presence. The event will be filmed by Azzurra TV and Videonovara as well as other broadcasters in Lombardy and Piedmont. Reality Princess, documents the preparatory week of debutants before the big night of dance and company launch.

All women are potential Cinderellas, thanks to this event they can feel like princesses for an evening.

Their fairy-tale clothes, the thrill of a thousand as they descend the stairs accompanied by their knights and the magical notes as they float the first dance steps, will take them to another dimension. Fairy tales teach that only those who dream big can realize their desires, no matter how long it takes and how much constancy and dedication, dreams come true sooner or later.

ballo delle debuttanti


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