Hello Fanciulle, the summer holidays have just ended, but this does not mean we have to give up wearing our most beautiful clothes even in the city. Today I would like to talk about a timeless dress that has been the protagonist of our best outfits for this long summer 2018: the polka dot dress.

Polka dot dress: 5 reasons why we love it!

The polka-dot dresses are always fashionable and are back in this 2018 with some great style news (polka dots and mixed lines, mixed polka dots + flowers, polka dots on a white background, polka dots on a black background, on a red background and much more) . You can safely say that the password for this summer was: polka dots, everywhere polka dots and even polka dots!

But what exactly do we love about this round print?

5 Reasons why we love polka dot dresses:

  1. They donate a retro style (50 years precisely)
  2. When we wear a polka-dotted dress, whether it’s short, long or mid, does it make us feel a little like in the film “Roman Holiday” you know?
  3. It also gives femininity to those who are not particularly feminine
  4. It’s a cheerful print
  5. We can match the accessories according to the colors of the polka dots themselves

Precisely for these reasons and many others, I decided to wear a maxi dress with polka dots to take a stroll in the evening in Lodi, in the city where I live. I liked the idea of ​​walking through the streets lit by the lights, floating, dreamy, but with the right dress!

I like this dress because it is very light and as seen in the photos, in the upper part has a V-neck very normal short-sleeved, so it can be worn safely even for an aperitif in the afternoon. In my opinion, the most beautiful part is that of the skirt that slowly becomes wider and slides along the sides and legs, creating an even more elegant effect.

I adore the polka dot prints, in fact during this summer 2018 I wore different garments that reported this print.

Have you been carried away by this trend? Do you love or hate polka dots?

I’m curious to know what you think …

A kiss




  Iljana wears a maxi dress with polka dots

polka dot dress vestito a pois

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What a lovely dress! Looks great on you 🙂



Thanks darling!

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