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in previous articles we talked about the spring – summer 2017 trends, where the explosion of colors is the protagonist. For those who loves the color black has always been do not panic; Red fire on a black dress over her lips and they are right!

Dress black and fiery lips: the perfect combination!


This color combination is a perfect match, of femininity and elegance in every occasion. Black is known, it is a timeless color!

In this way risulterete seductive, sophisticated and elegant. A woman wearing a black dress over a red lipstick, has everything you need to conquer the world.

Always the great style icons say, “with a little black dress has never excessive, but always perfect.”

In recent years however, we have seen the “little black dress” worn in many different ways. Who among you does not have one in your wardrobe? I’ve got several … love the little dress. Whether a dress slipped, tight, short or long: black sfina, streamlines, makes sexy and elegant dress every cut and every female body.

You can wear black at any time, at any age, and is especially suitable for all sizes.

On the other hand, just one detail of the most energetic color to be able to revolutionize the look. So, in order to enhance a black dress, you paint your beautiful lips of a red lipstick …. then you will have all eyes focused !!!! The lips are always the most attractive part of the face of us women … why are underlined. I, personally, in my look I often focused on this winning combination!

You have blacks clothes in your closet, and if so, which one favorite genre?

Below, I leave you admiring the photos of those who have embraced this perfect match: Black suit and lips of fire!

You with a black dress abbinereste fire red on the lips?




         – Dress black and fiery lips: the perfect combination!-


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Nice and perfect looking outfits..


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