Dry skin in winter? Quiet, it’s a common problem. The fault is the environmental conditions that, in this bitter season, bring many negative consequences to our skin. It is the cold that is responsible for many of these problems, but the wind knows how to damage the skin, putting its health in balance. What are the worst situations for our skin during the winter season? In the first place, dehydration, which impoverishes it with liquids and makes it dry and scarcely elastic: the consequences? Because of the poverty in terms of collagen, the skin suffers problems such as cracks and splits. You can cover yourself up to the nose, but it will change little: nothing will prevent the dry wind from penetrating the tissues and the frost to stiffen your skin. TO unless you are the one to intervene, giving it nourishment.

Dry skin in winter: here’s how to cuddle!

Dryness in winter: how to moisturize the skin?

There is a solution to everything: just think about it. Given that the problem is the lack of liquids, here is the most obvious solution is DIY hydration. How to do? You have at your disposal many treatments that will help the skin to find the right nourishment, such as moisturizers. But one of the best remedies for dry skin is body oil, like this Nivea satinante. In fact, thanks to their formulation, the oils manage to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, restoring shine and softness. As for the 100% organic remedies, here too you are not without valuable alternatives: coconut oil is exceptional, as is sweet almond oil. Shea butter is also excellent: to moisturize your face, hair and lips.

Dry skin in winter: mistakes to avoid!

The road that leads to healthy skin in winter, is full of holes in which you stumble: sharpen your sight, therefore, avoiding making some decisive mistakes. Like the use of perfume, which is always better to sip with parsimony: those based on alcohol, then, should be avoided at all costs. What are the other mistakes to avoid for a healthy skin? Give in to laziness and renounce sport, just because it’s cold outside: the skin must have optimal blood circulation. Also avoid stressing it using detergents or chemicals based products, and remember that it is very important to put sunblock even in winter.

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