It begins eight years ago when Sonya Driver, abandoned by her husband, is found to grow on its own two daughters on their house by the sea. Suddenly finds himself with a failed marriage, two daughters to raise, the sister who is ill with cancer and without a job.

In an effort to become a stronger woman and face life decides to volunteer in East Timor, where women, children and men did not even have water in their daily lives. He had to face thirst, hunger, cure the sick children and to know a completely different reality from her, which made her realize how life was important albeit with some difficulty.

After returning home he rolled up his sleeves, and thinking about all those women who live in dire conditions and have not even a shampoo, she decided to found with the help of his sister, the Eco Tan line.

Eco Tan: Australian health!


Eco Tan is created only with organic ingredients such as chocolate, essence of flowers, chamomile, which are the basis of the compositions.

Today we are pleased to share with you these two products:

COCONUT MILK BODY: body lotion, hands, facial moisturizing and nourishing. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones and with skin problems; for example scars and / or erythema. Long lasting, soothing and fragrant hydration perfect for the whole family. After applying it feels immediate relief, leaving the skin smooth and healthy.
Made with natural and organic ingredients certified by OFC (organic food chain) according to quality standards, it meets the requirements of the Australian government.

INVISIBLE TAN: face cream and body that gives the skin a beautiful honey color. It applies just like a moisturizer to nourish the skin and provides an ‘amazing tan, especially ideal for medium complexion sallow.
Mix aloe vera, rose geranium oil, avocado and chamomile oil to make the skin smooth, beautiful and bright giving it a bronze color. Ideal to have even in winter a sun-kissed skin. Awarded in 2016 as Best fake tan naturally from the International Natural Health Beauty Awards!

What, you have to always be beautiful and you can, even if life does not smile! Sister Sonya is healed, and also used on scars that have remained the creams themselves created, based only on natural and organic ingredients, thus helping all women of the world. Sonya has taken great in hand his life, gives smiles and happiness to anyone who uses its creams.

Thanks to Sonya and Eco Tan team for making us discover this line. Long live the beauty, health and the courageous women!



-Eco Tan: Australian health!-

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