Father’s Day is the corner, we should have done this article earlier, but I think the one that is going to offer you arrives at your house in perfect time to be given.

That’s how it takes care of friends, Father’s Day deserves an article and our dads deserve a gift.

Dad is the King of the house, the first man who loved us unconditionally and who will do it for life. We still remember when dressed as two mischievous, always with the same clothes as we were twins (the missing twins), when we were little our dad took us to the theater.

The father who took care of us then, taking us by the hand taught us to cross the street, always looking to the right and to the left even though we were on the pedestrian crossing. Our dad is the most considerate and attentive person to us.

The father, in addition to the mother, the person who rejoices and shares the most important moments of their children’s lives. One of the last moments that will always remain imprinted in his, but also in our memory, the choice of Blery’s wedding dress, and we dare not imagine the emotion that we will all experience that day.

It will be that we are very close to him, here we are to cuddle him with the best gifts and products.

For his party we decided to give him two things from the same collection as MR WONDERFUL, original gifts and guaranteed surprise. We chose the 100% cotton kitchen apron, with a message for dad. He will not be a star chef, but he delights the palate when he cooks with so much love. The apron is not only beautiful, but also comfortable to wash, 30 ° C and iron at medium temperature. Our dad will surely appreciate it.

We certainly couldn’t have chosen one thing, you saw their collection for Father’s Day. Really beautiful and you are spoiled for choice and so we have indulged ourselves. We have also combined the slippers with the apron, beautiful, comfortable and warm for when it comes back tired in the evening. Our dad is not only the king of the darling, but also the king of the couch :-), especially when it comes to football. Oh yes, like everyone, he also has his faults, but we love them anyway.

The surprises did not end there, on the site you can find lots of ideas, for example super organized gift sets for dads; set for globetrotting dads; the cup with a beautiful writing; the shoulder strap; document holder and much, but much more.

For those who follow us on Instagram stories will certainly have seen the opening of the package, the packaging absolutely beautiful and delicious, precious and cheerful. Whoever receives it certainly remains happy. What will you give to your dads?

Father's day Father's day


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