Christmas is coming and we are racing to finish, choose and buy the latest gifts. Lately we are always in a hurry, we have already said ?! Oh yes, between the time-consuming work, the race (in fact) to Christmas gifts, dinners with friends, drinks and lunches with colleagues, and here we do everything without being really focused. We often seek and search keys for hours, lipstick, sometimes smartphone and so we lose time and patience.

To you how many times it happened to be running and not finding your keys, your phone or your wallet? Or even worse, do not remember which lane you parked the car? We wander and wander without finding the lost object, then do without it and find it again when we no longer need.

Today we no longer have to worry about this problem!


Filo: Never again without! Our magical accessory!


Filo is the solution!

Filo is a young company, founded in 2014 to design smart-tech solutions that make life easier without compromising the design.

Flush our device design!

Design an accessory that will save us from the problem of not finding what you are looking for. “Wire” is the solution for all those who like us, often do not remember where they left what they had in hand. E ‘a device that helps us regain our objects. Easy, non-intrusive and easy to use:

you download the app on your device Wire (smartphone or tablet that is), and connect it, associating it via Bluetooth to “wire” which is nothing more than a plastic handle of about 4 cm per side, very thin.

After it’s done; keep “Wire” attached to objects that matter, who often lose or simply that you want to find in a moment (keys, wallet, etc …).

App you will find “Wire” within 80m and vice versa! That’s right, you can get sound from the app “wire” to find your items, but also “Filo” will let you play in the smartphone to find him.

This device detects the distance, that indicates how much you are away from the object that we are looking for, suggesting his last position on our mobile device. It sounds right from the app and makes playing our smartphone.

Smart device without which you can not live once received. Featuring Bluetoouth 4.0, you can activate with a single app several “wire” devices to have on hand all.

Perfect gift idea and original, for grandparents, for parents, but also for the careless boyfriend or girlfriend always running. You can buy it and give it to whoever you want, entirely produced in Italy, winning design, memorable gift for those who will receive it.

Product features:

Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Capacity: up to 80 meters

Battery: CR2016 replaceable, lasting up to 8 months

iOS: 4s and later Android: v. 4.4 and up

Product Dimensions: 38mm x 38mm x 6mm

CE certified Bluetooth Qualification

For your Christmas shopping here is a special discount code: xmas-16 !

What we like about this product? The design, compact size (small, are everywhere), the range of colors (available in ten colors), the utility and the help it gives to people.

You know this device? You do use? Do not forget the discount code for those who still did not have it and is looking for a special gift.




-Filo: Never again without! Our magical accessory!-





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