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Today we want to talk about the Veg-up products and how to take care of their skin to prepare it to the best of the coming season.

Slimming scrubs and gels are absolutely the most used products by us women when you think that the costume test is close. Just so, after the harsh winter, which has forced us to hide every inch of our skin, here comes the heat, the sun and the beautiful days, and with them also the desire to discover.

How to find the beauty of our skin!

How to firm the skin by removing cellulite?

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about summer is how to get rid of a few pounds and deflate areas with more water retention. We know that cellulite is one of the most hateful problems that we women have to face every time. For this reason we have chosen the slimming gel algae and essential oils, which thanks to its innovative ingredient biotech Slim has a remodeling effect for 8 hours, with slow release of the active ingredients that reduce and deflate the treated areas. Apply with circular movements on the belly, hips, buttocks and legs, do not use in case of pregnancy or lactation. What kind of product do you use most for cellulite?

How to eliminate dead cells?

The scrub, we had talked about here too, is another very good ally for our skin. We all know that when the skin stays long-covered it breathes less and consequently loses brightness and dries out resulting unattractive visually. With the help of the scrub draining to the salt of Guèrande our skin relives finding all its brightness and eliminating dead cells. The gel texture contains Thali-source, an active marine that improves hydration and counteracts water loss. It does not irritate the tissues, thanks to the rounded grains of salt, leaves the skin smooth, clean and silky. Perfect as a treatment before exposing yourself to the sun, so our skin will be smooth and our tan more even. The scrub is a super valid product to apply before the treatment of MUDs and various creams, prepares the skin to better welcome the active ingredients.

How to brighten the skin of the face?

For a complete beauty operation was missing only the illuminating face mask, which gives the skin of our face light and freshness immediately. This mask gives a rejuvenating effect thanks to the hyaluronic acid that stimulates the cellular functionality and gives an anti-ageing, moisturizes and decongestion action thanks to the Aloe vera. It is advisable to use it twice a week, leave it to rest for 15 minutes and remove it with a wet wipe.

In this way we are perfect from head to toe, we take care of our appearance with products targeted by natural ingredients. Our opinion on these products is absolutely positive, not only for the feeling of freshness and beauty they leave on the skin, but also for the efficacy.

What do you use to keep your physical appearance in the best possible way? Do you already know these products?




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