Hi girls!

The last period in Milan the sun shines, the fresh air in the morning is still felt, sometimes we even ice scratch before turning on the machine, but I’m optimistic …


Flower Power: desire to spring!


Will be the desire of lightness … via the vest, the duvet, sweaters, boots and who on and so forth, I just wanted to open the closet and wear one at a time all hanging clothes just waiting to to be shown off.

With winter sales I did a little ‘shopping and among the many things I bought there is also this floral dress, shirt-style Zara. I love this type of dress, perfect to wear alone, with a waist belt (perhaps double buckle belts that are very western), or you can wear it leaving it open over the outfits, petticoat style. Do you remember the article we posted a few posts ago, the one where we talk about jeans, here, here’s an example of how to carry it.

This dress also love the fact that it has the pockets, they really like, give that saucy air.

The flowers will be one of the spring-summer 2017 trends, the flowers over (hence the post of the trend), on dresses, shirts, accessories and more, I could not take the chance and let you see this new entry.

I have worn in simple version, with a pair of leather pumps, black, heel 12 (also Zara).

You girls have bought something with the winter sales? Awaits on our YOUTUBE video of the shops that we robbed in the near Instead we will show everything we have bought both I Ily.

I recommend, if you want tell us about your purchases, you can do so in the comments section, so as to share together.

Kisses Girls!




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Lovely dress. You are so beautiful, and your hair is too, you look like a beautiful star from the 50s…


Thank you so much dear!

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