After eight hours of work, hot and people who think about being alone in the world, I would say that I have enough. The holidays still seem so far away, yet in a few days I too will leave. No, the destination for me will not be France, but rather Sardinia. Although I am not in Corsica, this certainly does not mean that I cannot dream of a holiday in this location.

After having planned my vacation for Sardinia, a completely Italian island I still wanted to travel again. I love to travel comfortably and bring me half a closet, so I said to myself, why not take the ball and organize the next destination ?!

How to go to Corsica?

We looked for ferries to Corsica, after choosing the itinerary and the most comfortable times for us we just have to book tickets. We can start from both the port of Liguria and that of Tuscany, they are the two closest to the place where we live and therefore the most comfortable. The ferry allows you to choose whether to travel in the cabin (with all the services) or not. On the site I consulted you find really different solutions according to your needs, you just have to do like me, book a relaxing week to discover wonderful places. France sea a destination to discover and Corsica is sure to be wonderful.

I love beach holidays, I also like traveling by sea, when I take the ferry to reach a place I feel like taking a mini cruise, docking on an island and enjoying the sun and the beaches. Corsica, politically French, but geographically Italian, has a lot to offer. Called the Île de Beauté for its beauty and is also the native island of Napoleon.

The most beautiful beaches of Corsica!

Let’s discover together the most beautiful beaches of the Île de Beauté ‘, if you call it so there will be a reason! In our list there are: Rondinara, Santa Giulia and Palombaggia, arcs of fine white sand and a turquoise sea to take your breath away.

In this corner of paradise on earth, you can also organize picnics on the sand and dinners by candlelight in the various little traffic coves.


What to see in Corsica!

Napoleon often repeated that he could recognize his island with his eyes closed, only breathing in the scented air. In fact he was right: even today the smell of myrtle, lentisk, rosemary and all the other shrubs typical of the Mediterranean scrub is one of the distinctive features of an island that the Greek colonists, not surprisingly, renamed Kallíste the most beautiful. And, indeed, Corsica amazes for its extraordinary landscape-environmental variety: beautiful beaches and mountain ranges, water sports and winter sports. So Corsica can be visited both in summer and in winter.

Being the vacation that I have in mind summer I bring you in a small village, but that in summer turns into a famous seaside resort. Its beaches, the one of Loto (Plage du Lotu) and the one of Saleccia (Plage du Saleccia, see photo) are easily reachable using the taxi boats that during the summer make the shuttle from the tourist port of St. Florent. Not to be missed.

One of the cities that really deserves a visit is Ajaccio, the largest and most inhabited city in Corsica. It is the seat of the regional Parliament (Assemblée Régionale de Corse) and is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. It comes, in honor of Napoleon, also called Cité Impériale, to which it also owes part of its tourist fame.


It certainly could not miss the appeal of Porto Vecchio, which is the third largest town in Corsica by number of inhabitants (after Ajaccio and Bastia), but it is the first for tourism. It owes its popularity to the extensive coastline that from Pinarello (approx. 20 km to the south) to Punta di Rondinara (approx. 18 km to the north) offers numerous beaches with dunes and pine forests behind. This place is assaulted by tourists in summer, you will also understand why it is because it offers the two enchanting beaches mentioned above.

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What to tell you, the more I write, the more I would like to be there right now, feel the heat from the sand under my feet and sip a great prosecco.

I can not wait to leave! Are you planning your holidays? Where are you going?


“With this article I participate in the #unblogalmese competition in August 2019 organized by the Trippando blog”


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