Good morning friends, we are in the middle of summer and as the title of this article Kärcher says, of which we had also talked about some articles ago, it makes you full. It happens to all, especially those who have balconies and terraces to get tired to make them cleaner and cleaner. We always struggle to clean them thoroughly without getting tired! I have a huge balcony where I often organize lunches and dinners with friends and my sister instead of having a terrace used not only for dinners in the company, but also for their own relaxation. Oh yes friends, doing home crafts is not really our favorite pastime, especially working every day 8 hours a day. we like to dedicate our weekend to other more beautiful and relaxing activities.

Kärcher makes you full, safe cleaning for your home!

Kärcher is here to help you! For those who purchase by June 30, a Full Control and / or a Multipurpose Aspirator immediately free 1 Carnet of Fuel Coupons equal to the value of VAT, to be spent in distributors IP or Q8. The luckier wins the value of the product purchased in fuel vouchers.

But what will this Full Control Pressure Washer and / or a Multi-Purpose Vacuum cleaner ever be?
Full Control pressure washer, 15 models to choose from, each with features that allow a quick and effective cleaning even the most stubborn dirt. .

Multipurpose Aspirator: there are 4 available among which to choose according to the needs of each of us. So you are spoiled for choice to make the purchase you need to clean the rooms of your home and participate in the competition. In addition to having the desired product at home, the one that halves the cleaning time for a perfect result, even winning the good fuel, everything becomes more beautiful.

We leave you the link here to learn more and remember that the competition expires on June 30th.


Here they are in action:


fa il pieno

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