We came again this year for Christmas, but have you already made gifts for your loved ones? If by chance you are also in a bad way like us, you just have to resort to last minute gifts. Not to mention the Christmas menu, but we already talked about this a few articles ago.

Don’t worry that sometimes last minute gifts can be found to be the best and often the most useful. It happens that the light comes on and the winning idea comes out at the last minute to make happy who will receive the perfect gift. It may seem strange and banal, but sometimes we puzzle and the idea does not come, then just a click and many beautiful products come out to choose from. You may not believe it, but while you are reading this article, we are out and about in search of the perfect gift. We have purchased many and many others not yet.

Where to find the last minute gift for Christmas?

We are obviously around beauty shops and Christmas markets. The beauty shops we are looking at are different, but Sephora for the occasion really offers different boxes and for all budgets. We have seen that there are really many caskets for both him and her.

One of our favorites is certainly the Christmas set of Narciso Rodriguez, with less than € 30.00 one of the best perfumes there are. Obviously personal tastes, but this small box contains Eau de Toilette 10ml inside. A perfect travel size, which allows you to always carry your favorite fragrance with you and for her Pure Musc Eau de Parfum always 10ml.

If instead you are looking to give pampering, then you can choose this gift box containing a shower gel, a shower scrub, a body cream and a hand soap (300 ml): all enriched by the summer scent of white lotus and white tea biological. The gift box is an exclusive ecological box that you can use to store your favorite items.

cofanetto sephora

If you are looking for an original gift idea, we can reveal what we chose for our mom. She does not like going around stores and choosing her beauty products, but this certainly does not mean that you do not like to receive them. So we thought of a beauty subscription, that is, a six-monthly one to be able to pamper it in the long term. In this way he will not have to go around and make long lines to the houses of perfumeries or to the beauty department of the supermarket, but he will receive a perfect box every month comfortably at home.

We have relied on Abiby’s professionalism and kindness, you can choose different subscriptions. If it is to your liking we can leave you the discount code that we have asked for you, SPRINTABIBY, gives you the opportunity to save 15% on a half-yearly subscription.

regali di natale
regali last minute

Then of course there are also technology gifts, but those are so personal that we didn’t make a selection. When it comes to technology, although they may be last minute, we need to take into account having to invest more.

Don’t forget also the many and beautiful Christmas markets. There are really all kinds of them, the ones we have closest are the Christmas markets in the Duomo, beautiful to look at and you can really find many super cute things to give.

We with this article wish you from the heart, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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