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Today I want to tell you about Gimme5, a smartphone app that helps you realize the dream of saving money without major sacrifices.

Gimme5 realizes your dream by saving!

Xmas is coming… wishlist!

Do you know the porcelain piggy bank, the one that grandmother often gave us to put away pocket money, or what we bought ourselves to start saving and buying the much wanted bag?
Then we grow and dreams change and take shape, money is always few and to put them away you have to work hard and not a little, but in front of the house of our dreams, how can we not think of starting to save? We want it so much, it’s so beautiful and spacious, the huge kitchen, the huge bedroom and then that room where to make the much loved walk-in closet.

That’s right, each of us saves to realize their dreams, there are also the lucky ones who do not need to save, even I would have wanted to be a sheik’s daughter, but I love my father and I’m OK to have my piggy bank to make the marriage of dreams.

That’s right, most likely the fateful date will be in 2019 and so it’s time to start saving seriously. I do not really love the piggy bank, the classic one, I find it oppressive also because every time I see it, it reminds me that I have to put the money inside.

But I found an original way to start saving. Now I’m social ugly and my smartphone is flooded with apps of all kinds, without thinking twice I wanted to try also GIMME5. Now I’ll explain to you what it is.

Gimme5 is just a smartphone app that helps us save money, it’s a digital piggy bank, which helps anyone to put away large or small figures based on their availability. This app offers different services to the saver:
• Set a goal or more goals to save
• There are no constraints of any kind, everyone is free to save if and when he wants and how much he wants
• It offers the possibility to set a fixed monthly saving, which can be changed and deactivated whenever you want
• The money saved is invested in the mutual funds of AcomeA SGR, an asset management company

The nice thing is that at any time, at a cost of € 1, you can ask for the reimbursement of the amount saved or you can reinvest it on another project.
But be careful, saving time takes time, this app does not do the miracle of magically increasing your savings, then fixed medium / long term projects. You can also involve family and friends, they can help you grow the sum of your savings by helping them to realize your dream.

Did you already know this app? If not yet here I leave the link ( where you can find more information and start saving like me. I’ll make it?! 🙂




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