The jewelry for us women are companions, faithful friends, valuable, imaginative, futuristic and even customizable …

The best friends of women are diamonds, sang the lovely Marilyn. Alas, not all women can afford them, but no one must give up the jewelry.

Jewels Pop: Pink funny!

Flower power: feel like spring!

Historically, the yellow gold is a timeless classic, and white gold is a symbol of nobility and youth, but the real news is the rose gold.

The rose gold has made inroads into the hearts of women now and soon will make a long-term break in our jewelry.

For this summer 2017, the best proposals were painted pink, a real romantic revolution for spirited girls who like to feel women.

Why choose a pink jewel?

Because the rose gold is hot, passionate and funny … in short, it is a matter of feeling! The jewelry rose gold differ in their sophistication and multiplicity of elements of composition.

Fashion changes every year, sometimes even two collections may offer completely different style lines between them. Consequently, the jewelry industry is moving making proposals aimed at the most glamorous.

Often flipping through fashion magazines we ask ourselves: what is in fashion, exactly?

Many, many jewelry variants. Among these, bullying continues pink gold lucky period, combined with diamonds and precious stones.

The rose gold is in great demand at the moment, both in high fashion, and in jewelery. It ‘a sweet color that perfectly matches the romantic look, but at the same time those spirited. Several brands have embraced the rose gold and have launched entire collections mixing stones and colors.

For those who can not afford the rose gold, even the gold-plated jewelry and jewelry may have a pinkish tint.

I, personally, am very stylish and graceful is the rose gold rose costume jewelery.

Now I leave you with some proposals for new collections.

What do you think of this new rose gold?




-Jewels Pop: Pink funny!-












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