Braided sweaters – casual glam

Hi girls,

the new season begins with touches of emerald green that for about two months, the trends offer not only on cascades of pearls and jewels, but above all on dresses and maxi sweaters.

Glam with casual chic clothes!

2BEkini SS2018: what do you choose ?

Those of us who have not purchased garments of this color during winter sales … green emanates a sense of balance as well as being the color of hope. 🙂

The month of February, in addition to being the month of lovers is also the month of headshots: that is to put all that is still winter showing off with super colored accessories and pop in the call of spring.

What are you waiting to bring out your imagination? March, on the other hand, is the right month to explore new combinations, the coming spring tempts you to dare more.

In this regard, I speak of my crazy idea “glam” with casual clothes. Recently I bought a maxi military-style jersey in casual chic style … you can easily combine it with a pair of heavy tights for the coldest winter days, and why not, with a pair of lime-colored décolleté at the feet to make it stand out more. Yes, you read that right, colo lime fluo precisely because I wanted to get out of the “soft basic” concept. It is a gamble, but I love combining colors creating explosive outfits.

In addition to the big green jersey, I bought a light burgundy woman’s top with an open shoulder strap that you can wear comfortably during the day. Here instead I propose a more sober outfit, wearing a pearl-colored skirt with very light pantyhose and ankle boots. In this case I wanted to emphasize the bright color of the shirt and I have not exaggerated with the accessories.

All this to tell you that I’m looking forward to the arrival of spring … and then to launch the message that even in winter we can combine garments purely spring to winter in order to create a glam outfit and casual at the same time.

Have you had such an idea in recent times?

Tell us …

Below I show you the photos of the outfits proposed. Follow me on IG and IG stories to see my crazy things.





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