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Milan is wonderful in each moment of the day, the morning got out of the metre I go up of run the staircases then to be in Course Buenos Aires, the road of the longest fashion of Europe. In spite of the smog, the traffic, too much people… I simply adore to walk and to get lost in the windows of the businesses and in the businesses themselves. We say that in my pauses I have lunch I have never the time to get bored, on the contrary I have not enough time to wander a business to other and to select the heads that I want to introduce into my wardrobe.

Glasses Mood: I love them and you?!

Blorange: trend colour hairs P/E 2017!

In the closeness of the office where I work the most beautiful and imposing Central Station is also. The square Duke Of Aosta offers a huge space himself where to be able to sit to taste the own dinner, to take a coffee and four chats with friends or sister, to read a book and to take the sun.

For the lovers of the journeys it is possible to enchant us before the trains, people who leaves, people who returns, histories of life of every day that pass to us before the eyes and often we do not dwell even to think. Sometimes it would be necessary really an instant to be stopped, to do a beautiful breath and, with the whole calm of the world, to enjoy the moment.

There is peculiar what I have done, Ily as what it was acting photographs that he has wanted to immortalise my outfit of the day. Usually to go to office I opt for the comfort, put on almost always trousers and / or jeans, lightly wide stitches and low shoes.

Since you can notice in the photos, in this outfit I have not an alone pair of glasses, but two, not to make missing anything. It has been a time that I was not loving very much the sunglasses, then growing I have re-considered myself. Beforehand or then I will show you my glasses collection, I have really so many of them, sign someone and others no, but for me they have become fundamental. I simply love them, not only because I am a fundamental accessory to complete the outfit, but they protect from the sun, wind and dusts.

Another pair instead, this time I carry them on the tee, purchased on wish, Harry Potter remembers very much.

Do you whom I refer have with the sunglasses or better with the glasses in general?

Kisses Gilrs!




-Glasses mood: i love them and you?!-


Outfit details:

Tee: Wish

Cardigan: Zara

Down anorak: Mango

Jeans: H&M

Scarf: Zara

Ankle boots: H&M

Maxi bag: H&M

Sunglasses: Rayban

Necklace: Avon e Fendi

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Thanks dear!


Nice outfits for casual days <3


Thank dear!

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