Rubber , Plastic and PVC ! Often it starts right from accessories to decide what clothes to wear and look to have for a given evening.

Accessories are always so beautiful, lightweight, super colorful and with a soul that gives special and complete our outfits.
Rubber, Plastic and PVC: an accessory that you are ?

Soufeel: the bracelet that tells to you !

More and more often it happens to be dealing with rubber accessories, plastics and pvc. innovative and entertaining materials, which fit perfectly on bags, shoes and jewelry, perfect and comfortable to wear, and besides being beautiful, they are also very practical.
This type of accessory gives a lot to all, is suitable not only for clothes, but also to pull and winter sweaters.
I I own more than one and not just necklaces, earrings … but … bags and accessories.
Here is a small selection that we can still purchase with balances and place in our corner bijoux .



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full_c6ac7y9y6p NEBLUPparurebluricicloperlevintage-500x500 downloadGomma, Plastica e Pvc


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